For Reviewers

Requirements for Reviewers

All interested reviewers must meet the requirements described below for Afghan Medical Journal (AMJ).

The interested reviewer must both have a valid degree in Medicine and a Specialty diploma, or a Ph.D. in research related areas such as Biostatistics, medicine dentistry and any other health related professions.

The interested reviewer must have at least 1 original research publication listed on his or her CV. The reviewer is expected to review 1 to 4 at least reviews per journal issues.

The reviewer is invited to review a manuscript by an invitation e-mail which includes the proposed review duration 2 or 3 weeks.

The reviewer must complete the assigned review within the proposed review duration provided in the invitation e-mail (2 or 3 weeks according to the type of manuscript).

There are circumstances where a reviewer may be unable to complete his/her review within the prearranged time due to unexpected conditions. In this case, please contact the editor immediately so that arrangements can be made for the review to be completed in an appropriate manner.

High-quality review should be as follows:

  • The reviewer should provide the author with useful suggestions for improvement of the manuscript.
  • The reviewer should have recognized and commented on major strengths and weaknesses of study design and methodology.
  • The reviewer should comment accurately and productively upon the quality of the author's analysis of the data, including acknowledgment of its limitations.
  • The reviewer should comment on the written skill of author, independent of the design, methodology, results, and interpretation of the study.
  • The reviewer should comment on any ethical concerns within the study.
  • The reviewer's comments to the author should be constructive and professional
  • The review should provide the editor the proper perspective to make a decision on acceptance (and/or revision) of the manuscript.